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The Kingmaker (Filipino-Dubbed Version)

Lauren Greenfield

Documentary | 100 min | 2019 | Language: English, Tagalog | Subtitles: Tagalog | Other Subtitles: Cebuano, Bikol, Ilocano, Hiligaynon (Available on 1 April 2022)

Centered on the indomitable character of Imelda Marcos, THE KINGMAKER examines, with intimate access, the Marcos family’s improbable return to power in the Philippines. The film explores the disturbing legacy of the Marcos regime and chronicles Imelda’s present-day push to help her son, Bongbong, win the vice presidency. To this end, Imelda confidently rewrites her family’s history of corruption, replacing it with a narrative of a matriarch’s extravagant love for her country. In an age when fake news manipulates elections, Imelda’s comeback story serves as a dark cautionary tale.

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