Political Filmmaking in a Period of Social Unrest Redux

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This documentary shows the fascist might of the Marcos regime and how militarisation and human rights violations were institutionalised in Philippine political life. The film exposes the human rights violations during the Marcos regime, unmasking the dictator’s claims that there were no political detainees under martial law.
Sabangan documents the struggles of the Remontados indigenous community facing displacement from their ancestral land in Tanay, Rizal The film was created as a response to the illusion of prosperity peddled by Mrs Imelda Marcos’ “City of Man” project and the construction of the Kaliwa-Kanan Dam that would affect the lives of the indigenous peoples and residents in the area.
The film tackles Filipinos’ dissatisfaction towards the Marcos regime by documenting the historic “Lakbayan” or “Lakad ng Bayan Para sa Kalayaan” (People’s March for Freedom) held from March 1 to March 7, 1984.
The documentary focuses on the life and struggles of youth-student leader Edgar Jopson, known as Edjop, who was killed by the military in September 1982. The 34-year-old was an intellectual who stood with the masses to pursue social change.
Oppression has unlocked the spirit of courageous resistance – peaceful and armed – in the island of Mindanao. Many indigent communities are no longer waiting on the sidelines for change. Instead, they are starting to demand the rights denied to them for so long.
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