This series of stories begins with a match made in hell: the story of Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos, which led to the conjugal dictatorship that plunged our nation to the dark days of Martial Law.  

But love, too, played a great role in the resistance. The next two stories tell how two couples’ love for the nation and the masses led them to love one another. 

For Edna and Alex Aquino, it blossomed at the frontline of the underground movement against the Marcos Regime. 

For Mon and Iting Isberto, it was ingenuity and determination that kept them together, from their previous long-distance relationship to their separation during solitary confinement.

One pair plundered the country, and two fought back. Read all three stories here.

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To commemorate People Power is not just to remember how we oust a dictator, it’s also to remember that the people who held hands in EDSA are ordinary people like me and you – people who feel grief, hunger, rage, and most importantly, love. 

With love as our fuel too, let’s continue to challenge ourselves to be a part of the change. Let’s harness its power to awaken our inner heroes and to unite against those who threaten our peace and our rights, just like what we did 35 years ago. We need it now more than ever.

In memoriam

Dedicated to the memories of Lorenzo “Lory” Mendoza De Vera, a fearless advocate for human rights, labor rights, and the environment, a youth leader, a loving friend, and a true #LahingDakila. His passion in making the world a better place has inspired all of us to best our own fights. As we celebrate People Power, we will continue to ignite against the dying of the light, against those who threaten our democracy and our freedoms.