“Mga Kwentong Martial Law” is a collection of video-based accounts of people and families who suffered under the Marcos Regime. The production, collection, and curation spans the whole Philippines in an attempt to build a trove of oral histories on the issue.


We are living in a time where the distortion and erasure of Martial Law stories is rampant. The survivors of the bloody regime have already started to fade away. It is our task as creatives, academics, and documentors to assure that the rest of us never forget—that we take the challenge of our time to remember, remember, remember. We take up the post towards struggling against well-oiled and well-designed amnesia, and the inescapable flow of time.


Help us build this project.


If you have or know people whose stories need to be immortalized, let us know. Email us at info@dakila.org.ph with “ML Oral History” as the subject.

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Kwentong Martial Law ni Romeo Crismo

Mula sa bibig ni Louie Crismo
Saguday, Quirino Province

Romeo is  a student and a church youth leader  He was abducted by suspected members of the military during Martial Law on August 12, 1980. 

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