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Let’s Break the Cycles of Lies

Be a part of fighting disinformation and historical revisionism.

As we inch towards the #Halalan2022, martial law history and its atrocities are being distorted in favor of the Marcoses and their cronies.

We invite all educators, artists, and human rights advocates to stand for truth and to surface and rebuild historical integrity.

Make the first step now. Check the links below.

Be a Fact-checker

Learn how to be your own fact checker with this online guide.

Report Disinformation

Rappler's FactsFirstPH is your pitstop to report report misleading information.

Start a Conversation

Dialogue matters especially in controversial issues.

Organize a Screening

The Kingmaker is available for screening to communities, schools, and organizations.

Make Art

Pitch a Martial Law-themed exhibition to be showcased on this site.



Weaving Back the Threads of Our Histories

Weaving Back the Threads of our Histories is a collaborative project symbolically reclaiming our stories, particularly the Filipiniana icon tarnished by the vulgar opulence of Imelda during the Marcos Regime.

Mga Kwentong Martial Law

“Mga Kwentong Martial Law” is a collection of video-based accounts of people and families who suffered under the Marcos Regime.

on Martial Law

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#NeverAgain #NeverForget



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#NeverAgain #NevertForget #NeverAgainToMartialLaw #MarcosNotAHero

Let's build and tell stories towards #NeverAgain

We invite all creative individuals, writers, historians and academics, as well as schools and organizations to submit ideas for digital exhibitions on the topic of the Marcoses, the 1972 Martial Law, 1986 EDSA People Power, and the continuing losses and legacy these have to this day.

If you are interested to collaborate please fill-up the form on the right.

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